of quill alchemy
of quill alchemy

In an age where technology has become the precedent, writing has been a lost art—paper and pen have been passed over. If we asked you to pick up a pen and begin writing, what would you use? A ballpoint pen is functional, utilitarian, but it lacks the consideration and dedication needed to elevate this simple action to an art. While computers have made so many tasks simpler, the highest forms of human creativity and ingenuity remain untouched. Fountain pens are one way we can access our aesthetic senses and reconnect with our creative selves. We hope to curate a blog dedicated to unique pen-and-paper experiences to recapture the imagination and interests of a new generation. 


Grace is pursuing a Master of Architecture at Princeton University. Grace's love of fountain pens first began when she was required to use one in British primary school, which was subsequently squandered when she returned to the states. Her interest was renewed when she worked at a typography press in Tribeca four years ago and met a Brooklyn-based poet who encouraged for her to buy her first Lamy. From there, she was hooked. 


Jeffrey has a keen interest in the intersection of design and technology. First introduced to fountain pens by Grace, Jeffrey has since developed a personal liking for these writing instruments. With a rigorous background in graphic design, he is in charge of the direction of visual experience and marketing for both the website and social media platforms. Keep a lookout for future analog methods of content distribution.


Delon is a a rising 2L student at New York University Law School with a profound interest in film and cinema. With his extensive background in photography and film, he produces the visual content and directs the cinematography across the platform.